Unit Four: Hamlet

Teacher: Jaimie Crawford

Syllabus KEY:  Here is your syllabus for the fourth unit on Shakespeare's Hamlet.  We will be covering about one act per week; we will cover a lot of the play in class, but you can refer to it at the following website from home. You will not have any journals due this 6 weeks, but you will have a quiz on each act at the end of each week.

The majority of your grade for the six weeks will come from four assignments, each worth 100 pts:
your speech on your editorial; your quizzes on the five acts of the play, your group script and film modernizing one scene of the play,  and your final book test.

SAT WORD OF THE DAY (fourth set of 10): Despotic, Totalitarian, Fledgling, Euphemism, Castigate, Sublime, Garbled, Furtive, Ominous, Querulous    A DAY vocab quiz=1/16; B DAY vocab quiz= 1/17

WEEK ONE  (1/3-5) :  Give back exams;   reading on technology for the new year;   introduce speech assignment on editorials:  You will give a 2-3 minute speech using the content you wrote in your editorial.  This will be a 100 point assignment and you will be graded on content 50 pts. (intro--reference to a specific article related to your topic, body content--at least 20 specific details connected to your three main arguments as well as mention of the strongest opposing argument, conclusion readdressing the specific article mentioned at the beginning of the speech) AND presentation 50 pts. (speed, volume, posture, eye contact--you should have your speech written out on notecards, and visual--ALL SPEECHES SHOULD INCLUDE ONE VISUAL--graphic, graph, chart, image, etc..)

A DAY SPEECHES:   Last names A-L go on Jan. 5; Last names M-Z go on Jan.9
B DAY SPEECHES:   Last names A-L go on Jan. 8; Last names M-Z go on Jan. 10

WEEK TWO (1/8-12):  Mac World Field Trip;  Finish Hamlet Act 1

WEEK THREE (1/15-19):  Hamlet Act 1; See Gilligan's Island Parody; Quiz on Act 1
HW: Study for quiz on Act 1
ACT I Review:
Scene 1: 3 guards show Hamlet's best friend, Horatio, Hamlet's father's ghost and plan to tell Hamlet about this ghost
Scene 2: Claudius gives "state of union" speech addressing--funeral/wedding/Norway/Laertes' going to college/Hamlet not going back to college
Scene 3: Advice Scene ---Laertes/Ophelia; Polonius/Laertes; Polonius/Ophelia
Scene 4/5: Hamlet sees his father's ghost who tells him Claudius is the "snake in the garden" who killed him

Project Day 1/18-19; Quiz on Act 1

WEEK FOUR (1/22-26): Hamlet Act 2: Spying theme --Polonius/Reynaldo/Laertes; Claudius/Rosencrantz and Guildenstern/Hamlet; Claudius and Polonius/Hamlet

Quotes quiz on 2/1(A)  and 2/2 (B): Know the SPEAKER, SITUATION, TONE, AUDIENCE
1. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark
2. More matter; less art
3. By indirection, find direction out
4. Brevity is the soul of wit
5. I am too much in the sun
6. Oh, my prophetic soul
7. Get thee to a nunnery
8. Thou this be madness, yet there is method in it
9. I have of late, but wherefore I know not, lost all my mirth
10. I am mad but north-north west

Choose your groups and acts and scenes to rewrite.

WEEK FIVE (1/29-2/2):  Hamlet Act 3; Modernize a scene from Hamlet  SCRIPTS AND STORYBOARDS  due 2/1 (A)  2/2 (B)

1. Choose your group (you may work in a group of no more than 5 people) and your scene from Hamlet.  No two groups may choose the same scene; they will be given out on a first-come, first-serve basis.

2. Reread the entire act of the play from which your scene was taken.

3. Write a script (100 pts) which maintains the content and plot of the scene but updates it to the 21st century.  You must use some element of technology in your script, for example: Hamlet watching television, Polonius talking on a cell phone, or Ophelia creating a MySpace page. 

4. Create a story board (50 pts) for filming of your scene.

5. Show your film. Analyze the mood, situation, motivation, and purpose of the original scene and discuss how you modernized it and why (25 pts).

WEEK SIX: Finish film; test on the play

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