Digital Design Unit 5

Unit Five: Cat's Cradle

Teacher: Jaimie Crawford

Syllabus KEY:  Here is your syllabus for the fifth unit on Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle.  We will be covering about 60 pages a week, and you will have quizzes on your outside reading.

The majority of your grade for the six weeks will come from four assignments, each worth 100 pts:
your questions answered on the story, your sonnet, your pantoums, and your final book test.

LITERARY TERM OF THE WEEK: Binary Opposition, Character, Class, Communication, Context, Conventions, Criticisim, Culture and Nature, Deconstruction, Denotation and Connotation, Discourse, English Criticism, Feminist Criticism, Figurative Language

WEEK ONE: (2/26-3/2):  Finish Hamlet; Start Cat's Cradle; Technology Predictions for 2007

BDay: Sonnets are due 2/28/07 Wednesday
ADay: Sonnets are due 3/1/07 Thursday

WEEK TWO (3/5-9): Cat's Cradle; Work on Senior Portfolio and Reflective Paper (we will collect them on 3/14 -A Day and 3/15-B Day).

HW: Read Chapters 1-47: Finish Questions 1-20 on chapters 1-30; 1-20 on chapters 31-47

WEEK THREE (3/12-16):  Cat's Cradle; Binary Opposition Worksheet; Junior Assessments given in class

HW: Read Chapters 47-72; Finish Questions on reading; Reflective Papers due on Thursday (B) and Friday(A)

WEEK FOUR (3/19-23):  Cat's Cradle ; Character Worksheet; Analyze Vonnegut's "oh a sleeping drunkard.." /Nice, nice, very nice in groups

HW: Read Chapters 73-97; Finish Questions on reading

WEEK FIVE (3/26-30):  Cat's Cradle; Class Worksheet; Analyze Taxman in groups

HW: Read Chapters 98-127; Finish Questions on reading

WEEK SIX(4/2-5): Cat's Cradle; Code Worksheet; Analyze Political Science in groups

HW: Study for OPEN BOOK TEST:  Pantoums, Identify terms, Essay on targets of satire (religion and science) in Cat's Cradle
B DAY test on 4/2 and 4/4;  A DAY test on 4/3 and 4/5

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