Social Science Curriculum Review


·        Utilize standardized (not standard) rubrics for essays and projects at all levels

·        Social Science Essay Recommendations:


Recommendations for Writing the Social Science Essay


Paragraph – Outline for paragraph writing, establish structure
Identify the core regions where Buddhism is the dominant religion.


Multi-Paragraph Essay – Thesis/Support/Conclusion
Describe the region, spread, and one core belief of Buddhism.


“Bullet Essay” – Descriptive, comparative
Compare and contrast three causes for the spread of Buddhism.


“Bullet Essay” – Analytical, persuasive
Explain the reasons Buddhism successfully diffused from
India to other regions of the world while Hinduism did not.


Document Essay – Multiple interpretations, defend thesis
Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.”  How does this quote relate to the successful diffusion of Buddhism into China ?

11th & 12th

Mastery level
Student Assignment: Create an essay question and develop an evaluative rubric that will help 9th grade students acquire a better understanding of the belief system and diffusion of Buddhism.