Drama, Poetry,and Fiction

Instructor: Jaimie Crawford


REQUIRED TEXTS: Literature: An Introduction to Reading and Writing (Roberts and Jacobs) , Corder`s Handbook of Current English, Writing Prose (Kane and Peters),


Stories by Maupassant, Updike, Walker, Crane, Welty, Faulkner, Thurber, Anderson, Jackson, Mansfield, Munro, Cisneros, Poe

One Library Report (choose one short story)
One Critical RESEARCH Paper on a comparison between a short story and a film (5-7pgs.)

Two Personal Essays

Focus On: Sentence Variety; Verbs and Pronouns;Transitions


One Library Report (choose one play)
One Critical Paper (2-3 pgs)
One Definition Paper (2 pgs)


A survey of American and British poems

One Library Report (choose one poem)
Two Critical Papers (2-3 pgs)
One Creative Project (poem or short story)

GRADING: Quizzes=20%, Tests=30%, Writing=30%, Exam=15%, Participation=5%

English IV Honors: Although English IV and English IV Honors follow the same syllabus, there are several differences between the two course: 1) The writing of the Honors class will be graded using the AP rubric (offering them more challenging standards for exposition); 2) The Honors class will read and present library reports on one additional play, multicultural novel, and poem during the year; 3) The Honors class will complete up to two expository papers per trimester in addition to the regular requirements. In other words, if you are in English IV Honors expect more reading, more writing, and tougher standards.

Links to Writing Guides
Tips on Writing: Getting Started
Essay Styles
Literary Terms
Sentence Structure
AP Rubric

Introduction: Welcome back; introductions

8/26: Bring Laptop to class

8/27: Shadow Test (grammar)

Week One, First Trimester:

HW: Unit one in Vocab

8/30: Discuss the Personal Essay : WP p.5-10

Give out short story assignments

Week Two: 9/7-8: Hurricane Days

9/10: Vocab Quiz on Unit 1

by 9/10: PERSONAL ESSAY #1 DUE (use UF prompt or another prompt if you are applying to another college) -Let me know if you are applying to UF so that I can get it back to you in time.

Week Three: 9/13: ACT Practice Test

9/14: ESSAY TEST on summer reading (one book)

See Blackboard Course Information for essay choices



Week Four: 9/20: Go over vocab; Presentation discussion: Short Story and Film/ this will be your research paper topic as well.  You will present the film and story during the week you are assigned.

9/22: Library /Questia

9/23: Oral presentations on second book (individual/3-5 minute speech. Argument using Monroe's Motivated Sequence why to read book). Use at least 4 direct quotes from the book and at least two critical sources cited.

9/24: Vocab Quiz on Unit 1-3

Week Five: 9/27:Finish speeches on summer reading

9/28: Go over vocab unit 4

9/29: Turn in all college essays for grade; Read Jackson's "Lottery"

9/30: Bring laptop: Quiz on Shirley Jackson's "Lottery"

Vocab Quiz 1-4

Week Six: 10/4:

Brent, Michael

Omelas (short story)

and Matrix

Vocab Quiz 1-5

Week Seven: 10/11:

Laura, Colby, Natasha, and Megan

"Shopping"in book and Freaky Friday

Vocab Quiz

Week Eight: 10/18:

Arielle, Sophie, Brittany

"Igby Goes Down"


Vocab Quiz

Week Nine:

*About the Research Paper: All paper elements must be MLA STYLE & TYPED; (Approx. 15% of 2nd Trimester Average)


Matt, Craig, Rachel,Trace

The Wicked Prince

Mean Girls

OUTLINE OF RESEARCH PAPER DUE FRIDAY 10/29--INCLUDE WORK CITED (At least 5 sources- one or more from Questia, one or more from a NON internet source). See sample outline in Course Documents

Week Ten:

11/1:Casi, Allison

Ransom of Red Chief

Ruthless People


ROUGH DRAFT OF RESEARCH PAPER (With WORK CITED AND UPDATED OUTLINE) due 11/8. 10 points off per day late.


11/8: Allison, Jessica, Kristina, Jodi

Paul's Case (Willa Cather) in book

Donnie Darko


1/15: Jessie, Brian

"The Devil and Tom Walker" Bedazzled




1. Vocab 1-10

2. SAT Reading Comp.

3. All Literature covered


Week One, Second Trimester: Research Paper Reminders

Oedipus in class

Oedipus TBA reading at home

Vocab Unit 9 (Quiz Friday)

Week Two: Research Paper due Dec. 6

Oedipus in class

Vocab Unit 9-10 (Quiz Friday)

Week Three

Tuesday 12/8


Week Four:

Begin Hamlet--Show Branaugh version after each Act and review with students; students will act out or compare film versions in groups--each group will have a different act--see COURSE ASSIGNMENTS IN BLACKBOARD for details).

Hamlet Act I, scene i,ii

XMAS  Break

Week Five:

1/3: Hamlet Act I, scene iii, iv

Hamlet Act I, scene v; Quiz

Hamlet Act II, scene i, ii

Vocab Units 9-11(Quiz Friday--follow same style as English III regular class- 30pts.)

Week Six:

1/10: Hamlet Act III, scene i

Hamlet Act III, scene ii

Hamlet Act III, scene iii

1/14: No School

Week Seven:

1/17: No School

1/18: Hamlet Act III, scene iv

1/19: Test on Great Gatsby--2nd Trimester outside reading

Hamlet Act IV, scene i, ii; Quiz

Hamlet Act IV, scene iii, iv

Vocab Units 9-12(Quiz Friday--follow same style as English III regular class- 40pts.)

Week Eight

1/24: Hamlet finish Act IV

Hamlet Act V, scene i

Reading Day; Vocab Quiz

Vocab Units 9-13(Quiz Friday--follow same style as English III regular class- 50pts.)

Week Nine:

2/1: Finish Hamlet


Vocab Units 9-14(Quiz Friday--follow same style as English III regular class- 60pts.)

Week Ten:

2/7-23: Death of a Salesman

Vocab Units 9-15(Last Vocab Quiz Friday--follow same style as English III regular class- 70pts.)

Week Eleven: Finish Death of a Salesman (Dustin Hoffman Film version in the library; you may check it out and show it).

2/23:Death of a Salesman Test (4 short essays)


1. Vocab Units 9-15

2. All Literature covered



Week One, Third Trimester:


Much Ado About Nothing

Give out Thematic Poetry Presentations

Survey of poetry; Review of poetry terms, rhyme schemes, etc..

Discussion Board on Much Ado and Sign Up for poems before Break

Week Two:

(After Spring Break)

Poetry/Song Presentations: Turn in your explications on the day of your presentation.

4/4: Brent-I Felt a Funeral-Dickinson/I'll Be Missing You  Kristina-To Celia-Jonson/Lose

4/5:Laura-How Do I Love Thee-Browning/Baby I Love  Rachel-A Time Passed-Levertov/Big Yellow Taxi

4/6:Natasha-Sic Vita-King/Life Goes On                    Megan-Annabel Lee-Poe/White Houses

4/7:Michael-Days-Collins/One Hundred Years             Colby-Facing West-Whitman/California

4/8:Jodi-Ogichidag-Northrup/Dispatch                    Jessica-True Love-Voirst/Hey Leonardo

Week Three: 4/11:Craig-On the Death of Friends..-Justice/Here You Me  Matt-Song-Lewis/Cupid

4/12:Jessie-Childhood-Stanton/Childhood Memories

4/13:Sophie-What Lips-Millay/Strawberry Wine  David-Do Not Go Gentle-Thomas/REM

4/14:Brittney-Man He Killed-Hardy/I Shot the Sheriff  Arielle-My Papa's Waltz-Roethke/

4/15:Allison V.-The Passionate Shepherd/                    Brian-To Celia-Jonson/Say Goodbye

Week Four: 4/18:Casi-The Nymph's Reply-Raleigh                         Trace-Let America be America-Hughes/America-TrickDaddy

4/19:Allison Marco-Echo-Rossetti/Dream by Sisq0

4/20-21: Poetry Review

Week Five: 4/26: Poetry Test

4/27 -29: Book Essays and Presentation on

3rd Trimester Reading

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