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The Advanced Placement course in economics gives high-ability students the opportunity to earn college credit in economics while still in high school. More importantly, the content of an AP Economics course helps students develop critical thinking skills through the understanding, application and analysis of fundamental economic concepts. Through AP Economics, students learn to apply quantitative and mathematical skills to the discipline of economics, test economic propositions empirically, improve their decision-making skills and apply economic logic to a wide variety of real world and hypothetical situations.

The AP Program offers two separate examinations in economics: one in Microeconomics and one in Macroeconomics. Each examination is intended for qualified students who wish to complete studies in secondary-school equivalent to a one-semester college introductory course. Students enrolled in this course will be expected to take the 2007 Advanced Placement Examination in Macroeconomics.

The 2007 AP Examination in Macroeconomics will be held during the morning session of Thursday, May 17. This examination is approximately two hours long, and consists of a 70-minute multiple-choice section and a 50-minute free-response section. For scoring purposes, the multiple-choice section of the test accounts for two-thirds of the student's examination grade and the free-response section for the remaining one-third.

In preparation for this examination, this course will be divided into three parts split along trimester lines: the first trimester will be devoted to a review of general economics and the market; the second trimester will be concerned with the study of government fiscal and monetary policy; and the third trimester will be primarily concerned with international trade and currency exchange rates. There will be approximately six tests per trimester and Trimester Examinations. Grades will be based on test scores, simulations, quizzes, and class participation.

All students enrolled in AP Economics in the 2006/2007 academic year will take the Test of Understanding College Economics (TUCE) on Friday, August 25, 2006.

Required Text:

MACROECONOMICS, 11th ed. James Gwartney and Richard Stroup. Thomson Learning, 2005. (this text includes a software student tutorial as well as online unit quizzes).

Supplementary readings (on reserve at the Upper School Library):

The Worldly Philosophers, 7th ed. Robert L. Heilbroner.  ISBN 068486214X.
New Ideas From Dead Economists. (Revised). Todd G. Buchholz.  ISBN

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The Upper School Library

Recommended Study Guides (available at academic and commercial bookstores):
The Armchair Economist.  Steven E. Landsburg.  Free Press.  ISBN 0029177766
5 Steps to a 5. Eric Dodge. McGraw-Hill. ISBN 0071437126.
Econ 101 1/2.  Elaine Schwartz.  Avon Books.  ISBN 0380775328.
From Here to Economy. Todd G. Buchholz.  ISBN 0452274826.
HBJ College Outline Series Principles of Economics: Microeconomics. E. David Emery. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Publishers. ISBN 0156000539.
Hidden Order:  The Economics of Everyday Life.  David Friedman.   HarperBusiness.  ISBN 0887308856.
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