Curriculum Review Project




Curriculum Review
The Committee for Curriculum Review was created by the Chairman of the Department and Director of the Institute for Civic Involvement, Raymond J. Sessman, Jr.  Since February 21, 2002, the Committee has met with several administrators and staff, and has set the following objectives:

       Improve the Social Science scope and sequence from 6th to 12th grade.

       Standardize assessment methods from 6th to 12th grade.

       Identify prerequisite skills necessary at each grade level, ultimately preparing our graduating seniors for academic success as college freshmen.

       Enhance communication and cooperation within the entire Social Science Department, and create an engaging environment conducive for interdisciplinary instruction.

       Prepare students adequately for the next level, thereby reducing undue academic stress.


Document Links:

    - Project Description

    - Visual Overview

    - Social Science Skill Levels

        Writing Recommendations

        Speaking/Presentation Recommendations

    - Content Standards

    - Final Proposal

        Proposed Sequence Table (visual)

        Relative Difficulty of AP Courses (visual)

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